Branding 101: A Name We Call Ourselves.

What we call ourselves helps our audience, target market and prospective clients to sort us into categories.  Our branding helps them make sense of who we are and what we do.

Our company’s name, logo, tag lines and dominant color* choices all “trigger” a set of emotions. All these things define our company and set us apart from other companies in the marketplace. It is all those parts that make up our brand.
Taking the time to answer the questions below will help you to better understand how your prospective customer perceives your brand.

1. When your target market looks at your brand, will they instantly know what you offer?
2. Describe what you do in 3 to 5 words. What emotions are triggered? What thoughts come to mind? What product or service is perceived?
3. Do you honestly feel that your ideal client is perceiving your company in the way that you wish it to be perceived?

If your social media audience is confused about what you’re selling, they won’t buy.

Although running a business can be hectic, taking the time to evaluate all the aspects of your marketing strategy is a must-do. 

Starting by understanding how branding works for us helps a ton in laying out a clear and concise strategy for our businesses.
*This color quiz may help you select your brand colors.

Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Founder 
Family Ambassador Program (FAP)
"Creating Success One Family At A Time."

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